Sunday, January 10, 2016

[Silk Road] American vs Korean Makeup Look

In the ancient time, Silk Road, which is also known as Silk Route, is the network of trade routes through regions of the Asian continent connecting the West and East from China and India to the Mediterranean Sea. Back then, Silk road is the central to cultural interaction in the Eastern world which influences people around the world to recognize traditional Eastern culture. Now, Silk Road is a platform that represents a journey of discovering unknown and enrichment of self, to showcase the luxurious and modern culture of the orient. Due to the adaption of different cultures, beliefs and lifestyles from all over the world, people are inspired to have new ideas from different perspectives.

One of the best example is art, in terms of makeup. Makeup of the modern era has changed in so many ways technically from the products itself to the way it is applied. The Eastern and Western influences 21st century makeup with the advance of research and development, creating more technical products. There are many brands and products available all over the world, with promising different outcomes and suitable for different skin types. However, it's not just about the product, but it's also about how it's applied.


Let me show you how I applied my makeup.
American vs Korean Makeup Look ❣  

Left: American Makeup, Right: Korean Makeup

American Makeup Look

- Matte foundation for a full coverage look
- Concealer to cover up dark circles, side of the nose & any other imperfections.
- Highlight under the eyes, forehead, bridge of the nose and chin.
- Contour forehead, cheekbone, nose and jaw.
- Arched brows.
- Lots of eye shadows and thick lashes.
- Eyeliner angled upwards for a cat eyed look.
- Lip liner, big luscious matte lips.

The American makeup look is more tanned and the arched eyebrows adds personality and sass to the looks. The thick eye makeup is applied for a smouldering and dramatic look. Not forgetting the crazy bronze and contour which creates very sharp features - who needs plastic surgery when there is contour?!!

Korean Makeup Look


- Light, glowy foundation for a healthy and dewy look.
- Concealer to cover up dark circles, side of the nose & any other imperfections.
- Lightly contour jaw for a sharp chin.
- Rosy blush on the apple of the cheeks.
- Thick and straight brows.
- Bright/pink eye shadow and natural curled lashes.
- Eyeliner angled downwards.
- Small, candy pink/ombre lips

The Korean makeup look is more of a natural and fair complexion. The straight thick brows creates soft and youthful look. Light eye makeup is applied for a natural, sweet and innocent impression. And again, the candy pink lips and blush adds a natural, soft and youthful looks.


In summary, beauty comes in various shapes and forms varying from culture to culture. The Eastern culture is influencing and changing the way of makeup in modern times. The Korean makeup look is more natural and youthful whereas the American makeup look is more sophisticated and sexy. Personally, my everyday makeup is a mixture of both!! ❤


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