Saturday, January 23, 2016

An Oriental Journey With SilkRoad

Look what showed up at my doorstep last week - an exclusive, traditional invitation by Silk Road! I blogged about Silk Road before in my previous post and I'm overjoyed upon receiving this invitation because I can experience the eastern culture in this modern era, thanks to Silk Road.

The invitation is so traditional but still used in present times. Love it :)

The event was held at Metal Bee, Sunway Damansara Technology Park. As we arrived, there's a cocktail area for us to mingle around as we wait for the dining rooms to open. 

Refreshing cold whiskey was served. :)

There are two kiosks for guests to explore consisting of The Art of Tea Making and The Rainbow Calligraphy that promotes oriental in this modern era, just like what is Silk Road is all about - an ancient network of trading routes that were central to cultural interaction through Asian continent.

We were introduced a few types of Eastern tea and proper blending of tea is truly an art form. Although it's rich in history and tradition, tea is really very simple, with a basic look at its origins, varieties and preparation.

The Rainbow Calligraphy master, Jacky Chow crafted and translated guests name into chinese with meanings and signs of their own. A very beautiful and impressive masterpiece.

We were then ushered into the dining room by ladies dressed in cheongsam at 8.30 P.M.

Silk Road very much surprised me!! The ambiance of this dining place is oriented with chinese music and beautiful traditional setup - floating pretty ornaments and long tables decorated elegantly with eastern and modern blend.

Performances courtesy of Diana Liu & Chinese String Quartet to enlighten our mood. :)

Settled down while waiting for the 4 course dinner to served. :p

Look of the night ♥


The menu of the night by Chef James Won & Effin Culinary Team. Chef James Won personally introduced and educated us about each of his finely crafted dishes as it served. Notice the atmosphere in the pictures changes from time to time to suit our mood as different dishes was served, so awesome!!


 Entrée One
Scallop, calamari, citrus, mints and petals 
A total sensorial experience that refreshes from smell to taste
Taste delivery: Aromatic, creamy and smooth 

Always loved scallops and this is the best I've tasted so far! Chef James Won purposely flew in XL Hokkaido Scallops just for tonight's dinner. So soft and juicy, not forgetting the sweet and tangy flavors from the salad.


 Entrée Two
Green tea salmon 40°, smoked cucumber, texture of potato and green beurre Blanc
A fresh and delicate experience that is balanced
Taste delivery: Refreshing, fragrant & floral


This salmon is so delicate that it melts in my mouth. The crispy caramelized skin and potato chips deliciously adds texture & a hint of green tea flavor was added to for a refreshing but not too empowering dish. Just perfectly balanced.


 Plat Principal
Cordyceps chicken on chlorophyll carpet, porcini mushrooms and pâtes de riz
A balanced, crisp offer with a clean aftertaste that lingers on the palate
Taste Delivery: Woody, bittersweet

Super soft chicken breast that goes so well with the broth, mushrooms and pasta rice. It was my first time having pasta rice & it's really special and yummy. It's too good that I finished this entire plate although I'm already so full. So rare for me. :p


Plum, cheese, chocolaté and basil

Such a good way to end the night when dessert is served with premium chocolates! The cheese cake was coated with white chocolate, along with the sweetly stewed plum and dark chocolates. Major love! 


It was such a pleasure to experience an oriental journey with Silk Road. It was an unforgettable night when the eastern culture meets modern times, accompanied by tasteful and exquisite 4 course meal.

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