Friday, October 23, 2015

Launch of Astro Go Shop Channel 318 @ Ruyi & Lyn, BSC

Attended the Launch of Astro Go Shop Channel 318 @ Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre last Monday. Go Shop, a multi-platform lifestyle shopping service in Malaysia launched the country's first 24 hour Mandarin home shopping channel that comes in high-definition and is now available in:

1. TV - Chinese on Channel 318 (Astro and NJOI)
2. Astro On The Go
3. Go Shop’s online and mobile platforms.

Malaysians can now shop anytime, anywhere 24/7 with any devices of their choice. This exciting retail experience is so convenient and easily accessible! 

Go Shop is operated by Astro GS Shop Sdn Bhd (AGSS), a joint venture between Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad (Astro), a leading integrated Southeast Asian consumer media entertainment group, and GS Home Shopping Inc., a leading Korean multimedia retailer. Since its soft launch last November, more than 500,000 products have been ordered from Go Shop by 250,000 Malaysians. Following the success of Go Shop first Malay-language Channel 118 that launched in January 2015, Go Shop is now available in Mandarin-launguage, tailored to Malaysian taste and lifestyles.


Was welcomed with Go Shop photo booth and got my photo printed. ♥



The launch starts off with a mixture of modern and traditional lion dance to invite VIPS to 'Draw on them'.



During the exciting launch, speech was given by Henry Tan, AGGS and Mr Cho, GS Home Shopping Inc, followed by a quick Q&A. People that got the right answers to their questions gets amazing prizes from Go Shop!


Go Shop's VIPS, Hosts and Ambassadors


The Channel 318 Go Shop hosts are TV host and producer Ho Hai Chyi, dance choreographer and Astro Talent Quest 2003 runner-up Ezen Chan, former AEC news anchor Jenny Lim, Miss Astro Chinese International 2010 winner Emily Yap, actress, TV personality and radio announcer Emely Poon, MY FM radio host Catherine Ang and former copywriter and working mother Lim Ying Ling. Go Shop Channel 318 ambassadors are Gan Mei Yan and Jason Phang from MY FM.

The best part of Go Shop is the products are demonstrated via an audio-visual experience to help customers understand the features and benefits of each product. There is  a wide variety of beauty, health and and wellness, home appliances and kitchenware, living, sports and leisure, digital, and many more to choose from. 









Consumers can shop with peace of mind on Go Shop as it offers great value through innovative product bundling, a 10-day return policy, product warranties and free shipping. Besides, Go Shop only offers authentic products from trusted and premium brands including top Korean products and top sellers in international markets, available exclusively from Go Shop.


A photo together with gorgeous Channel 318 Ambassador, 颜薇恩.:)


The launch ends with a closing performance of Kpop & Battleground.


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Friday, October 9, 2015

[Review] Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File

Some people believe it's not necessary to have pedicure. It's like "No one ever sees the bottom of my feet, why bother?" But trust me, the feet can be a handful if it's not maintained consistently. Layers of flaky dry skin can build up which will hurt and crack if they get too thick. It's the everyday lifestyle and environment that causes rough skin on the feet. It is difficult to avoid due to dry cold weather, soapy water, wearing shoes without socks or even just by being barefoot. This leads to infections if one do not go for pedicure frequently.

I'd go to the nail parlor at least once every month to keep my feet smooth and healthy but I don't have to anymore, thanks to Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File. Scholl as the leading foot care expert came up with this innovative electronic foot file is simple yet handy and designed for ease of use. I can achieve beautiful and velvety smooth feet effortlessly with this foot file. The best part is I can have beautiful-parlor-finished feet at home instantly without going to the nail parlor.




Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File comes with Ergonomic design and operated by 4 AA batteries (included in starter pack). It's easy, painless and very user-friendly.


The usage is pretty easy, rotate the silver band from I to O and the roller head will start working.


Left: Roller head switched off. Right: Roller head switched on, rotating.


This electronic foot file's roller head is removable. Just press the blue button at the side and it simply pops out. 


The roller head has a slight rough surface which removes dead skin cells on my feet effortlessly without hurting it. The roller head is washable and widely available too!


Check out how it works! It exfoliates and removes dead skin and calluses on my foot. There is also no concern about any pain as the roller will automatically stop when there's too much pressure. Look at the amount of dead skin cells on the black background and roller head, just within few seconds of the exfoliation process.



End result:

It does help to remove dead skin cells and calluses - the result is noticeable instantly. My feet felt much softer and I can feel my foot's sensitivity got higher (in a way my feet can feel the ground better). It felt a lil ticklish initially but I got used to it very quickly. I love this foot file because of my hectic schedule, I am able pamper myself with a pedicure session at home and achieve smooth and healthy feet easily. I can say that Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is good to invest on and you can save a large sum of money from visiting the nail parlor. Remember to love your feet, too!

Retail Price: RM 135.20 
Use promo code 'SCHSOU' to get additional 5% OFF when you purchase from!! 
*Promotion ends 31st October 2015
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