Monday, September 14, 2015

GUINNESS® and Malaysia: Celebrating 50 Years Together

GUINNESS® has marked it's 50 years of brewing GUINNESS® in Malaysia. As part of the celebration, GUINNESS® unveils three *limited-edition* designs for its Foreign Extra Stout bottles last Thursday during a spectacular launch @ The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur.

The night was packed with GUINNESS® fans and everyone was dressed up stylishly black. Not forgetting unlimited, free flow of Guinness!

Guess what GUINNESS® had to offer us, their very own one-of-a-kind Guinness Infused Ice Cream Float. Who doesn't love desserts? and they have it with GUINNESS®!! ♥ 

Yummy in my tummy. My first 'meal' of the day. Good enough!


*drum-rolls* The three limited-edition design bottles! 

Each of the bottle is bursting with vibrant colors and intricate patterns, a total opposite from the brand's iconic black and gold visuals. The designs are inspired by the wealth of history and culture of our country, Malaysia. Don't worry about the glorious GUINNESS® inside - it's still the exact same formula and taste throughout the years. Nothing changed!

Guinness is so inspired that each limited-edition design represents a distinct era in Malaysia's journey and they even portrayed it during the remarkable launch event.

The very beginning of GUINNESS® in Malaysia, stretching back to our tribal roots.

During the era, through to the age of independence.

& now, leading into the modern day and looking ahead to the future.


The present of course must have me lol.

The Malaysian-inspired designs are created specifically for the Malaysian market, by Malaysians as we celebrate GUINNESS® being brewed in Malaysia for 50 years now. Behind the designs are five luminaries of the Malaysian creative scene, who came together to explore the concepts of history, identity, and culture which have informed the new limited-edition looks.

The three collectable limited-edition designs will appear on all bottles (325ml and 640ml) and cans (320ml) of GUINNESS® Foreign Extra Stout sold in Malaysia from now until November or while stocks last.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note5 x Trade-up Promotion

Samsung has launched it's latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note5 last Friday and it is probably the best Note Samsung's ever made. The first smartphone that kick-started the phablet trend and became widely-accepted by everyone is 2011's Samsung Galaxy Note.

A Note evolution! (Top to bottom: Note, Note 2, Note 3 & Note 4)

As the latest addition to Samsung's phablet family, the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note5 has tons of *improved features* compared to the older Samsung Notes. It has a very sleek, shiny and elegant design, so eye-catching that many people could not resist the new Galaxy Note5. With the "S Pen", it makes Galaxy Note5 truly stand out from other smartphones.

❤ Screen Off Memo ❤  

One of the most useful S Pen feature is Galaxy Note5's screen off memo. You can experience the ability to write with S Pen, even when the screen is locked. Now, you don't need to unlock your phone and open an app to write with S Pen. So convenient and easy to create memos with S Pen by writing on the blank screen without turning it on. It's like a blackboard and your S Pen is the chalk, just that you still can edit or erase what you wrote and save it. You're done! 

  ❤ Customizable Air Command ❤ 

The *improved* Air Command is simply activated when you remove the S Pen. It will then form a semi-circle of floating icons, where your apps hover for instant access in any screen. It reveals a menu of most frequently used apps and you can customize the air command by adding up to three apps of your choice too - waiting for you to take action!

❤ Scroll Capture ❤  

With S Pen, long pages that requires scrolling can now be captured as one image. Instead of taking several screenshots of a long piece of text, the Galaxy Note5 enables you to capture more than just the whole screen. Samsung really did a nice job to combine everything together, making things so easy and straightforward. You can add your own notes to the screenshot too, it's so effortlessly convenient.

❤  5.7-inch QHD Super Amoled Display ❤ 

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 has 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 QHD Super Amoled Display, with 518 pixels per inch. The display is blight, has colors that pop and it is super sharp. The best thing is you can tilt your phone pretty much all the way on its side and still be able to read what's on the display! The viewing angles are so great that when you're watching a video, playing a came or just browsing around your home screen, you'll be impressed with its stunning display. 

❤ Handwriting to Text ❤ 


On Galaxy Note5, you can open S Note and just start writing a note. Then, use the selection mode and select the handwriting that you wanted to transform and select 'Transform into' text, then it would usually transform everything into text flawlessly. You can share anything you wrote easily with your friends without being messy but neatly efficient.

 16-MP (Rear) & 5-MP (Front) F.19 Camera ❤ 

This is probably my favorite feature in this smartphone. The Galaxy Note5 delivers F.19 wider aperture lens with 16-megapixels. It's the best camera in a phone I've ever come across. A bigger aperture lets in more light, and more light leads to better quality photos, specifically low-light pictures. With the camera app, there are many editing and shooting modes and guide which I absolutely love; the *beauty mode* makes my complexion so smooth and flawless. I can't say enough about it. There are a lot of functions in Note5's camera that are always fun to discover yourself! :)

(Photo randomly taken indoor while playing Monopoly)

(Photo taken at an outdoor carpark party at night with many LED lights)

(Random items from my handbag taken in my room with very dark lighting)

All photos are in original/no edit

❤  Live Broadcast ❤ 

The Galaxy Note 5 includes a live-streaming feature that is built right into the phone’s camera app. Samsung partnered with YouTube to build the feature, which enables you to view on any screen that can view a YouTube video. You can now record and instantly share moments in real-time straight from the Galaxy Note5.

 4GB RAM ❤ 

When you have 4GB RAM, you have the power to multitasks with Galaxy Note5. You can chat as you watch videos or surf the net while you're writing a memo. It's natural to have two apps open on the same screen when you have 4GB RAM with Galaxy Note5. 

❤ Dual Sim ❤  

The Galaxy Note5 has a *new* Dual Sim feature. You can use two sim cards in a Galaxy Note5 now. So convenient as you can manage two phone numbers, especially when you're travelling all from just one smartphone. How awesome is that!!


There's this *super deal* ongoing promotion by Samsung where you can now trade-up your old Note or other smartphones and top up the balance to get a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note5! Price as below:

Samsung Galaxy Note - RM 200 
Samsung Galaxy Note 1 - RM 600
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - RM 800 
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - RM 1150 

for other phone models, check the price HERE

*Valid from 4th Sept until 30th Oct 2015 at participating Samsung Experience Stores


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