Friday, August 21, 2015

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin for Beachgoers


If you have seen my Facebook or Instagram updates, I went to Krabi last few days for a quick beach getaway. I've been longing for a vacation to escape from the hectic city life but the only concern I have is my skin. I am very cautious when it comes to my skin, especially my face as I have a very sensitive skin. It is fun to lay out all day long by the beach or pool while the sun's warm but as tempting as it is to spend loads of time outdoors absorbing the sun, it will cause serious damages to the skin.

Despite the danger of sun exposure, many of us get lazy when it comes to protecting the skin. Here are 5 ways to take care of your skin when going to the beach:

1. Use Plenty of Sunscreen

When choose a sunblock, make sure to choose the ones with UVA and UVB as the sunlight made of two harmful rays: long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) that ages us and short wave ultraviolet B (UVB) that burns us. Overexposure to either can damage the skin Apply sunblock 30 minutes before sun exposure to allow the ingredients to fully bind to the skin and re-apply every two hours or immediately after swimming or sweating.

2. Cover Up and Seek For Shade

Protect your head, face and eyes with a beach hat and a UV protection sunglasses. Cover up with long sleeves and pants when not swimming or a bright striking long sarong can be a good option. Not only do these accessories provide protection, but they can be quite fashionable.

Seek for shade between 10am and 4pm as the sun is most intense during that time. Try not to spend the entire day at the beach and take 'shade breaks' under the trees or a beach umbrella. Consider heading to the beach before or after 10am and 4pm, not only you can avoid the scorching hot sun but you can also avoid the crowds or have a stunning sunset view. 

3. Sooth and Moisture Skin After Beach

After a day at the beach, opt for soothing gel with 100% pure aloe vera and apply a light coating of pure aloe vera to the sunburn skin. Remember to moisturize your entire body too as the salt and sun can be very drying to your skin. Rehydrate your skin by applying moisturizer right after a cool shower to seal in all of the moisturizer in your skin.

4. Rehydrate (drink lots of water)

Don't forget to drink eight glass of water even when you're busy enjoying at the beach in your cute bathing suit. Drink plenty of water to restore moisture levels to skin - a few glasses of water will definitely make you feel better!

5. Take Gentle Care of Your Face

Your face might have been 'naturally exfoliated' from the sand depending on how windy it is at the beach. Use a proper skin care regime - cleanse, tone and moisturize your face is very important after a day at the beach.

Clean & Clear offers a complete 1-2-3 skincare routine that is simply effective to the skin

Step 1: Cleanse 



Clean & Clear foaming facial wash helps to wash off all of your sunscreen.

Step 2: Tone

Clean & Clear toner helps to readjust the skin's pH to ensure skin retains it’s protective properties.

Step 3: Moisturize


Apply Clean & Clear moisturizer to restore moisture and preventing drying of skin due to sea salt.



Remember to take proper care of your skin, especially your face when you're heading to the beach.
Much love ♥

Monday, August 17, 2015

Panasonic Beauty – Make beautiful happen 2015


Attended Panasonic Beauty Cafe at Betjeman & Barton, One Utama last Thursday with other beauty bloggers. It was my first time attending a beauty cafe and was a great experience as Panasonic Beauty provides real life demonstrations of their newly innovative and amazing hair and face products.



Thanks to Panasonic, I had hands-on experience with Panasonic Beauty products along with professional advice and tips on how to look good by VIP speakers - Yves Chong, director of Number 76 Hair Salon & Aishah Sinclair, Panasonic Beauty Brand Personality & Radio announcer.


Panasonic Beauty products are very unique in their own way. Instead of going to the salon every month for high maintenance beauty care, Panasonic Beauty products allows us to have our own low-to-no maintenance beauty routine at home. How amazing is that!!


nanoe™ & Platinum Ion Hair Dryer (EH-NA45P)
External nanoe™ Outlet
Foldable Handle

RM 286

nanoe™ Hair Dryer (EH-NA65)
2000W nanoe™
Charge Panel
Healthy Mode of 50°C

RM 423

I love how Panasonic hair dryer comes with the nanoe™ technology - producing nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles! This hair dryer doesn't dehydrate the hair yet deliver moisture and soothe the hair. No need to worry about hair getting damaged while blow drying the hair daily.

Scalp Massager (EH-HE94)
4-Disc Rotating Massage Brush Head
Enjoy Scalp Spa Whenever You Want
Keeps Scalp Clean & Healthy

RM 349

This scalp massager is one of my favourite beauty product. Not only you can massage on your scalp but also on your shoulders. The best part of this scalp massager is WATERPROOF. I always have a hard time washing my hair because my nails are manicured all the time but with this product, I can  enjoy washing my hair without destroying my pretty nails!!

nanoe™ Hair Straightener (EH-HS95)
Nanoe For Glossy Straight Hair
Maintains Colored Hair
Maintains Hair Moisture

RM 412

This hair straightener also comes with nanoe™ technology. It maintains hair moisture and allows everyone to straighten their hair daily without getting damaged. This product has photo ceramic coating which protects colored hair and prevent it from fading. I tried straightening my hair over and over again with this product and it doesn't leave my hair ends dry and frizzy.

Facial Ionic Steamer (EH-SA31)
Moisture Penetrates Deeply Into Skin
Simple 6-Minute Spa
Compact Stylish Design

RM 529

People with dry and sensitive skin like me will love this steamer! The Facial Ionic Steamer releases ultra-fine, nano-sized ionic steam that penetrates the epidermis and hydrate the skin effectively. In just a few minutes, the ionic steam will open up the pores and provides deep cleansing to the skin. Works in removes makeup, dirt and oil gently without being to rough to the skin.

Warming Facial & Body Roller (EH-SP32)
2 Ball Thermal Heater With Temperature Adjustment
Pinching & Soft Tapping Roller Head
UV Coating For Protecting From Damage

RM 469

Warm facial and body massage at the same time soothe the skin. Two different ways to achieve bouncier, smoother, firmer and brighter skin - stroking roller and squeezing roller. The detachable flat-shape roller works by stroking the skin upwards gently whereas the oval-shape rollers squeeze and lift up for a firmer skin.


Eye Warming Massager (EH-SW50)
 2-Level Temperature Setting Generating Steam Which Helps to Moisture Eye Circle Skin
2 Selectable Vibration Modes Provide Relaxing Sensation
1-Hour Quick Charging

RM 589

Helps to keep delicate eyes healthy as it massages around the eyes area to improve blood circulation. A great way to help relax the eyes especially after a staring at the computer or phone screen for too long. It works to get rid of dark eye circles and eye bags too! 

Facial Cool Putter (EH-SQ10-W)
Instantly Cool And Tighten Skin Reaching About 10°C (When Room is 25°C)
30-Second Quick Cooling
Recommended To Use With Facial Ionic Steamer For Optimal Skin Care Outcome

RM 319

This Facial Cool Putter tighten pores and cool down the skin. Suitable to use after deep cleansing skin with the Facial Ionic Steamer. I love the cooling sensation of this product. So refreshing and it calms my sensitive skin.

After trying out all the amazing products, we were generously served with a set of tea time tier and free flow of french tasting tea.


Courtesy of Betjeman & Barton. I'm a happy girl when it comes to desserts. Yumms.


Uploaded our photos on Instagram with the hashtag #panasonicbeautymalaysia and got our photos printed. Thanks for inviting me! I had a great time gaining many beauty tips by Panasonic Beauty. ♥

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