Sunday, October 26, 2014

[Review] Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Pore Smooth Base

When a woman says '5 minutes and I'll be ready.' Do you actually believe it? It takes forever for a woman to get ready. Deal with it.

I love makeup. I can't live a day without makeup. I love to look pretty but it's such a hassle as my daily makeup routine takes a long time. After my skincare routine, I usually apply a primer/base before I start applying any makeup on my face.

Thanks to Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Pore Smooth Base, my makeup routine became faster and easier.


Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Pore Smooth Base comes in two colors:
01 Light Beige
02 Natural Beige


Here are the comparison between these two colors.

My selection will always be natural beige because I'm afraid that my face will look overly 'white' or pale with light colors. But this time I applied the light beige and it did not disappoint me at all. It blends and even out my skin tone. I can now have glowing and smooth complexion.  :D

How to use Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Pore Smooth Base

Step 1 - After cleansing and conditioning skin, take an appropriate amount onto palm and apply it on the entire face.

Step 2 - Place small amount on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and lightly spread in the direction of the arrows.


Step 3 - Gently pat on the areas around your pores and other areas you want to cover.


I applied nothing but Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Pore Smooth Base and eyebrow pen. I get to skip the step of applying sunblock and foundation which is so convenient. This base comes with SPF 33 PA++ and the high coverage of this base covers up my pores instantly and prevents oily shiny look. With only a few quick and easy steps, I get to achieve a flawless look. :D

But a girl like me would never settle for less. I like to contour my face for a more define look, not forgetting my eyes and lips to complete my look.



I really like Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Pore Smooth Base :D

Product features:
1. Cover up pores instantly and prevent oily shiny look
2. Formulated with smooth and soft keeping formula
3. Free of fragrance, mineral oil, synthetic pigment, alcohol and ultraviolet absorber
4. Contains 3 types of beauty essence:
Collagen (water soluble collagen), hyaluronic acid, silk powder



Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Pore Smooth Base is available at selected Sasa and Watsons outlets for RM 39.90. 

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