Friday, September 5, 2014

[] Fish & Co., Pavilion Kuala Lumpur


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Thanks to, I get to dine in at Fish & Co. at Pavilion last Wednesday accompanied by Raine and Desmond. :D Yayyy.





I love the ambience of this restaurant. It's so bright, comfortable and the theme of this restaurant makes the whole restaurant feels inviting. There is a smoking and non-smoking area for diners to choose from too. So considerate! :)


Fish & Co.'s menu that looks like a magazine and as interesting as one. From the beginning to the end of the menu, the wide varieties of every food and drinks have a picture with full description. Drooling just from the pictures!


It's always selfie time while waiting for food :D


Blue Mussels with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce - RM 13.95
Our award-winning blue mussels with garlic lemon butter sauce, served with bread.

What a great way to start our meal with this super delicious mussels. The sauce is good, the mussels is good. Just can't get enough of it as the portion is quite big for the price you pay!


Soup of the Day - RM 5.90
Ask their friendly fisherians!

The soup of the day is fish chowder. Didn't get to try this but it smells nice tho. lol




Seafood Platter for 1 - RM 29.95
All-time favourite platter of grilled prawns, white fish and grilled calamari served with paella rice and chips. Bon appetit! 

I feel like eating everything on the menu and this is the best choice I could pick because its a mix platter of seafood. Greedy me. Obviously I couldn't finish this myself so I had to share with Raine and Demond. 


Grilled Salmon Mediterranean/Cajun Style - RM 27.95
Sashimi-grade salmon grilled with our unique blend of Cajun Spice or served the Mediterranean way with lemon butter sauce.

Salmon lovers will definitely love this because I do. :D Raine chose the Mediterranean style because she's a fan of their lemon butter sauce. The salmon is thick and the sauce is so good. Worth every penny.


Grilled Parmesan White Fish - RM 19.95
Delicate fish fillet stuffed with Parmesan cheese and served with our signature lemon butter sauce.

Desmond's choice. They serve the same grilled fish with the seafood platter except that this has the cheese and sauce. From what Desmond said, it tastes like super rings lol and the fish soft and fresh.


Insomnia and Jungle Freeze - RM 8.95 and RM 10.95
Caffeine with the works - coffee, milk and honey, topped with a swirl of whipped cream.
Pineapple, rambutan and tropical fruits.

Their beverages are so special; coffee with honey and ice-blended juice with rambutan. The size of the juice is HUGE, I didn't know till it came. So worthy!! 



Red Velvet Fusion - RM 11.95
Fluffy white chocolate cheesecake batter baked on red velvet cake with semi-sweet chocolate chips and cream cheese icing, spread with a sinful chocolate ganache and dusted with red velvet cake crumbs. Almost heaven!

I love desserts and I absolutely love this cake. Yumms.. The white chocolate batter is so creamy and it blends perfectly with the red velvet cake. I want it now!!


Chocolate Pecan Cluster - RM 11.95
Moist chocolate cake with gooey caramel and chocolatey brownie cubes. Luxuriously spread with a sinful chocolate ganache.

The description says everything. A very chocolatey cake with gooey caramel that is loaded with pecans! ♥


Dinner for three! :D


Yummy in my tummy. Feeling fat and satisfied. :D

You can also dine in and save up to 40% discount with Offpeak. It's so easy.. What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Krabi Island Trip - Day 1

A super last minute holiday to Krabi Island last week. :D The air ticket and hotel was booked a week before which made me so excited. I need a quick escape as I've been working non-stop for months; not forgetting the 11 days beauty pageant camp that I've joined recently. It’s time to release the stress and tension away. It’s a simple and relaxing trip with good food which I really enjoyed with my boyfriend, sisters, mom and brother-in-law.

Day 1 in Krabi Island (25th August 2014)

The first thing we did when we arrived at Krabi Airport is to rent a car. It is so much better to rent a car in Krabi because there isn't any cabs on the road except for tuk-tuks. It is also more convenient for us as our hotel is out of the town and all 6 of us can travel in one car.

The car we rented was a Toyota Fortuner, a 7 seater car.

Quickly, we drove to the town to hunt for food. We were quite early as we took the morning flight so most of the restaurants were not opened yet. We finally decided on Chanaya's Thai Dutch Restaurant. They have a very nice interior but don't be fooled by just the pretty design, the food is just average but pricey.


The entrance of the restaurant and a menu displayed in front of it.

One of my favourite decorations in the restaurant - kittens!!

Tired, hungry and sleepy face. Selfie while waiting for my food! 

Breakfast menu. Ham and cheese omelette with toast -150 baht/RM 15.  

Breakfast menu. Egg and bacon with toast -150 baht/RM 15.  

Thai green curry chicken. It's quite watery. Where's the thickness of coconut milk? 
HAHA don't mind my photography skills although I made it look even worse. I'm still learning. Oops.

Thai fried rice. It's sooo good :D Order fried rice in Krabi and it will never go wrong. Trust me! :D

The price range for the main courses ordered are from 230 baht - 280 baht/RM 23 - RM 25. 

After filling our tummies, we headed straight to our resort to take a nap. Most of us had little or no sleep the night before because of the early flight. We stayed at Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort in Nong Thale for 4 days and 3 nights. The resort is HUGE. We had to take a buggy from the lobby to and fro our room.

IMG_5178 Complimentary drinks and desserts while checking in

King sized bed and a sofa with soo many pillows. Comfyy ~

Teevee, coffee and a side table for our snacks and drinks at night. hehe

Bathroom with bathtub! open or close the door? haha

The room was spacious and clean. The only downside was the creatures that came and visit us every night. First was a frog beside the bathroom door. Then a centipede on the floor and a lizard on the wall. Omggg.

Woke up feeling fresh and happy! :)

So happy to get to travel with my love again ❤

It's our 5th trip together out of Msia and counting :D


It was rainy season during our holiday at Krabi Island and the rain can't stop pouring. Sadly, we have to burn our beach and swimming at the pool plan today and headed off for dinner. Dinner was really good and so far the best meal in Krabi for me. Yummms!

Lae Lay Grill Seafood, located at the top of the hill.



We are just in time for the sunset.. Amazing view!

The girls in my family except the kid in the pregnant lady's stomach

Boyfriend and brotha-in-law Thomas

Beer and juice

Super fresh seafood platter. all sorts of seafood were in this plate - prawns, squids, fish, lobster, mussels and crab

Boyfriend and I with our yummy seafood platter!

Sour and spicy tom yum goong.. Craving for it already

Prawns and asparagus

Salted egg yolk squid

Prawn fried rice! We also ordered pineapple fried rice but my picture turned out to be blur -.- Yumms!

My lovely family enjoying their delicious dinner with awesome view

Went back to the resort to play some games. It's all provided such as foosball, darts and pool. We ended the night by having more drinks! :)


Stay tuned for the next update on day 2 of this trip. We went for island hopping! :D