Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Enya's Wonderland Exotic Makeup Competition

Wanted to blog about Enya School of Beauty 8th Graduation Ceremony and the Wonderland Exotic Makeup Competition long ago when it was held on April 13th at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. Finally the photos were uploaded on Facebook so here is a post about it. 

During Enya's graduation ceremony, the students of Enya are required to join the makeup competition that was held on that very same day and I was one of their make up models! Excited and nervous at the same time as I've never done any catwalk before. I'm glad that the night ended pretty good as our hard work paid off. Yes, we won the competition. (:

To cut a long story short, I will just be posting pictures of the event. All photos are taken from Enya School of Beauty's Facebook page as I could not capture any photos myself due to the extremely long fake nails, huge heavy hat on my head, 6" heels, heavy makeup with 5 pairs of false lashes on my eyes, body full with art and glitters, not forgetting the super cute dress. Sounds comfortable? Guess not.

The judge's table. Participants were given 4 hours to complete the whole look from head to toes; hairstyle, makeup, outfit.

Just imagine sitting uncomfortably for 4 hours without a single movement...


The end result and of course, my talented makeup artists. (:

Individual picture (:

It's judgement time with the rest of the models!

The pretty teachers as well as judges.

This is how the place and environment looks like during the judgement.

Next up is Enya's 8th Graduation Ceremony. :D

The stage, graduation presents and gifts..

Finally, here it goes.. It's time for catwalk.

Front and back shot during the catwalk. The only thing in my mind was "Please don't fall...." Crazy 6" heels and messy balloons! Grrr.

All of the models. (:

There are also performances by the students and followed by cake cutting ceremony.

I am so thankful to have such nice people to work with, supporting and motivating me all the way. Thank you Jessie, Elle, Grace, Shan and Sie Si for the opportunity. :D 

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